Blog Challenge: Day One

Today begins my May Blog Challenge! Today's prompt: Picture of yourself and a description of how your day was. Today I wore this dress that I absolutely love, it's a black sheath with a slight peplum at the waist. You can find it here. For a while it was also available in cobalt and mint. [...]


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mother is easily my favorite person on the planet. And today is her birthday, so, in honor of that, I've put together a virtual shrine. Just a small sampling of things that are pretty awesome about Brenda: She honestly loves her job. She's sassy as heck. She's a great dancer. And an even better [...]

Obama and Hillary sing “Timber” and another BuzzFeed Quiz

This is the best thing ever. Also, I took a BuzzFeed quiz, "Which West Wing Character are you?" which you can take here. And I got (drum roll please) the ever so lovable cutie pie, President Bartlett's Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman! Here's what the results say: You’re as charming as you are clever [...]