I’m not calling it a come back…


Oh, hey there. It’s been a while, right?

There’s been a LOT going on. I left my job in the Mayor’s Office in August in order to go to school full time for a semester to knock out some classes, and as of January 2018, I work in the Office of Councilmember Andrea Boone as a Senior Aide. May 4th is my last day so I can focus on graduation and bar prep.

It’s hard to believe I’m in my last semester of law school. It’s hard to believe I graduate from law school in only 37 days. THIRTY-SEVEN DAYS, FOLKS.

Lately, my heart has been drawn to writing again. I know it’s because there is a lot going on in my life between school, work, and my personal life, and writing really gives me an outlet for everything.

So here’s the quick and dirty version of recent events, that I’ll come back to in other posts:

  • I’ve sat on the Board for the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers for the last year, and have felt super adult-y.
  • Exploring Montana with the ‘rents.
  • I’ve been seeing this guy named David. He’s pretty great.
  • Bridges once burned are being rebuilt.
  • I’m about to graduate from freaking law school y’all.
  • I’m getting my life together to sit for the Georgia Bar, this July.
  • Family reunions and family sadness.

So, I’m not calling this my big comeback… but I’m coming back! Again.


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