Someone Like You: An Original Piece

I wrote this piece a few years ago one day while listening to one of my queens, Adele. This is based on her gorgeous “Someone Like You,” which still brings me to tears. Mom and I got to see Adele live last October (yes, it was just as amazing as you’re thinking) I sobbed.

I’ve had a hard time in relationships. And as hard as they have been, they have made me who I am today. They have made me realize what it is that I truly deserve out of a partner.

only he won’t be like you.

he’ll be so much better to me and for me. he won’t hurt me, make me cry, or manipulate me. he’ll understand my point of view, and appreciate it. he’ll understand that there are certain things in my life i want to accomplish. he’ll never cheat. no. he’d never do that. he’d never try to control me or control my life decisions, just like i’d never to do that to him. he will love me unconditionally. unlike you.

he’ll buy me flowers randomly and remember to buy me birthday, Christmas, and anniversary presents. he won’t make me cry on my birthday. he’ll ask me to be his valentine. he’ll pay for dinner. he’ll open the door for me, and not just on date nights. he’ll know how to spell my last name after five years.

he’ll talk to me on the phone for hours, actually speaking. not just sitting in silence. he won’t pressure me into things before i’m ready for them. he’ll give me the wedding of my dreams, the ring of my dreams, and the life of my dreams… because i deserve it. he’ll love me unconditionally. unlike you.

he’ll love my friends, and understand how they have also played a huge part in who i am. he won’t be rude to them. he’ll laugh with them. he’ll respect my time with them. he’d know that if it came down to it, i’ll pick my best friend over him— so he won’t even try it.

he’ll know that my education will always come first. he’ll appreciate me for my brains as well as my beauty. he won’t make fun of me for not knowing something. he won’t make jokes or belittle my intelligence. he’ll know that i get hyper and act like a child, but in no way does that mean that i have the intelligence level of a child. he’ll know that i’ll be smarter than him in certain aspects, and vice versa. he’ll take the time to explain things to me. he won’t assume anything of me.

my parents will love him. he’ll buy my mother flowers on her birthday and go fishing with my father. he’ll think i’m beautiful because i look like my mother. he’d want me to be the person she raised, not the person he thinks i should be. he’ll be excited to meet my family. my entire family. he’ll love me unconditionally. unlike you.

he won’t have siblings that hate my guts. they’ll love me because he loves me. they’ll love me because i’m the best thing that ever happened to him, and they know that i make him happy.

he won’t mind when i grow up and slightly change my views on things. he’ll know that that’s a part of life. he won’t have opinions that change with the way the wind blows. he’ll know that when i’m mad, i don’t want to talk to anyone, and i need my space. he’ll know what i mean by space. he’ll know subjects i’m sensitive about and stay away from them.

he won’t blame me for all of his problems, and he won’t take his bad days out on me. he’ll ask for help when he needs it. he won’t put me in a metaphorical box in our relationship with rules. he’d know that i’m an independent person, but love having someone who actually cares about me. he’ll love me unconditionally. unlike you.

he won’t have a waist size smaller than me. and if he does have a smaller waist size, he won’t rub it in every chance he gets. he won’t want to wear my slippers. he won’t want to wear any of my clothes, but won’t mind if i wear his. he won’t be in the military. he has ambition and dreams for himself. he won’t be long distance— since that hasn’t worked for us in a long time.

he’ll wake me up with good morning texts. he’ll call me beautiful and gorgeous all the time. he won’t think i ever look like i’m having a bad day. he won’t make snide comments when i’m not wearing makeup or don’t look my best that day. i won’t have to try for him. he’ll love me just the way i am. just the way i come naturally.

he’ll love me unconditionally. unlike you.

no. he won’t be like you.

please be better to whoever you end up with than you ever were to me.


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