Wow- it’s been so long since I last logged in and wrote something. Between school and work, I have just been ridiculously busy.

Now, I’m not saying I’m gonna post every day or even every week, but… I’m gonna do better.

I’ve got things to write about and things I feel passionate about, and these are things I want to share. I know,  I know. I’ve said these things before. You believed me then and it was a sham.

Please believe me now. My world is changing a lot right now, and will only continue to change in the upcoming months, and I want to share what’s going on with people.

So. Here’s my pledge. I, Megan (aka thatgovernmentgirl), do pledge to build this blog back up and share my stories with you.

I’ll continue to post government-y things, law things, and fashion things. But more than that, I will continue to post Megan things.


Talk to me!

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