Saying Goodbye

So I realize that I made this announcement about being better with the blog, and then proceeded to… do nothing.

BUT, I promise there was a reason. I flew to Sacramento, my hometown, for Christmas/New Year’s for the first time in two years. My trip home was great, I got to see a bunch of family and friends, got to eat some delicious food that I have sorely missed (I’m looking at you, In-N-Out and Luis’ Jr!) and got to drink some tasty wines.

The night I left, New Year’s Day was the night the picture above was taken. That big bear of a dog is Mocha, our 14 year-old chocolate lab. In that picture, I’m saying my goodbyes, because I knew she wouldn’t be around much longer. 14 is OLD for a lab. I told her that it was okay to go, and that I loved her. The night after I left, I got a call from my parents that she had passed away. Mom said she never really got back up much after I left.

She waited for me to come home and say my goodbyes.

She was just the sweetest thing. The year we got her turned out to be way harder than my or my parents had ever imagined. Just a few months after we brought Mo home, my mother had her first open-heart surgery. Because of that, Mocha was not the best-trained dog ever. But she had the best of intentions. She was the eternal puppy– full of love and energy. She always thought she was a lap dog and was more than happy to sit on any of her humans the moment we sat on the floor of the living room.

I’m thankful for the life she had, the laughs she caused, and those big sweet yellow eyes. I’m thankful she’s at peace and is no longer in any pain.

I’m gonna miss this goofball.

Thank you for waiting for me. Love you, Mo. Forever.


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