What to Wear: Law School Orientation Edition

Take a deep breath because orientation is right around the corner. Seriously. Orientation is next week.

Sneak peek of schedule, because I know you’re just on the edge of your seat:

Day one we’ll be listening to lots of the normal orientation-y things; such as: welcome, panel discussion with SBA (student bar association, think of it as the student government association), skills testing, lots of departments giving talks (career development, IT, academic support, peer mentoring), talks about the law journal (here I come!) and moot court. 
I’ll be rocking business casual/business attire.

Day two is our community service day. My number one choice assignment was a ride along with APD, which I’m really hoping I get assigned. BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE FREAKING AWESOME. Also there are a few meetings I have to go to, like research training, and getting my student ID. (I might be looking forward to the student ID a little too much, hello discounts.)

Day three is the most formal, they’ve asked us to dress in business professional/executive attire, they actually specified dark suits. We’ll be talking about fitness for the Georgia Bar (OMG), professionalism, ethics, stress management, and the code of student responsibility.  

Here’s an idea of what I’ll be wearing:



The top that I have that I would wear with this outfit is darker, it’s chiffon and has multiple tiers. I’ve worn it to work several times with cardigans and blazers and I love it.



Luckily, with my job, I’ve got this last day’s outfit on lock.

For all three days I plan on keeping my hair simple. My hair is already pretty dang straight, but I’ll straighten it, and maybe pin part back. That’s actually how I have my hair right now. I think it looks pretty cute, if I do say so myself. 

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below!


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