I am so sorry

I have been so incredibly busy with work and getting ready and prepped for school to start that my beautiful blog sort of fell by the way side.

WELL NO MORE. But, due to my soon to be changing schedule at work, my editorial calendar will also have to shift a bit. Right now I’m looking at having one-two fantastically amazing posts a week. I’ll still be writing about career development, professional fashion, and of course my adventures in law school.

Speaking of which… Orientation starts in LESS THAN A MONTH. We are in crunch time people! I’ve received my first reading assignments, but I’m still waiting on assignments for my other classes, as well as the dang book lists to get posted. I really don’t want to have to pay for expedited shipping.

We’re also heading in the the season for the Mayor’s Ball. I’ve been asked to focus on the registration system, which… is sort of huge. The registration system is where we get all of our data from, transportation information, special needs information, address information. I’m excited, but it will probably also mean coming into work on the weekends to input data.

I promise, I’m gonna do better!

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