Arkansas Trip and Family Stuff

So last Wednesday, I took off for Arkansas. One of my younger cousin’s (Sidonie) was graduating from high school, and she’ll be going off to Westminister College in the fall, and she’s planning on studying International Business.

It was a great trip. I got to spend a bunch of time with my extended family, and we celebrated Sidonie’s successes. My parents were also in town, and if you’re a loyal reader (hey, I love you) then you know how close I am with my sweet mom.

My mom is the oldest of six, so we have a pretty big family on that side. Four of the siblings were able to be there and have fun with us. Other than my uncle Kevin (& co.), because he lives right outside of Atlanta, I hadn’t seen the majority of the family since Sid’s older sister’s graduation, three years ago. Also, an exception of Sidonie, because she came to Sacramento for Christmas!

Northwest Arkansas is the birthplace of Wal-Mart. I think I was there six times in four days. They just have so much stuff.

I flew in on Wednesday, it was like 80-something in Atlanta when I took off, and like 50-something in Arkansas when I landed. Ugh. Got picked up at the airport by my cousin Jennifer (Sid’s proud mom) and Sidonie. Met Sidonie’s boo thang. Had wings and beer with my cousin Brandon.

Thursday my parents drove in, they flew into Tulsa and drove the rest of the way. Went on an adventure with Jennifer to her brother’s (Terry) house and then her friend’s new store. Surprised my parents at their rental house. Had some BOMB fried chicken at Monte Ne Inn Chicken.

Friday we hit the Arkansas Naturals game and holy wow was it cold.

Saturday was the actual graduation ceremony. Which I didn’t go to. The arena it was in is huge and kinda far from where I was. And she was graduating with like 700 people, and she was the 10th person to get called. So my parents, Uncle Kevin and I went out to lunch, and then got a bunch of stuff for a BBQ night for the family. Tons of delicious food, and s’mores! Fun fact: moonshine soaked cherries don’t explode like you want them too  (also they taste like lighter fluid).

Sunday, oh Sunday. My flight was supposed to take off at 1pm, precisely when the graduation party was supposed kick off. When I woke up, I got on the Delta app and started the check-in process. Delta told me that the flight had been delayed, so they would change my flight for free, SO I GOT TO GO TO THE PARTY! (for like an hour, but still) I ended up flying out of XNA around 4:45 to go to Minnesota, just to go back down to Atlanta, and land around 11pm. It was quite a long day and I was super exhausted when I got home, and of course all Patch wanted to do was play now that his mom was home.

All in all, it was a good weekend. I’m thankful I was able to go to the party for at least a little bit, and it was great to see my family. ❤

Here’s some pictures from the weekend:

What did you do last weekend? Any fun Memorial Day Weekend plans? Tell me in the comments.


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