Blog Challenge: Day One

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Today begins my May Blog Challenge! Today’s prompt: Picture of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Today I wore this dress that I absolutely love, it’s a black sheath with a slight peplum at the waist. You can find it here. For a while it was also available in cobalt and mint. I don’t have it in coral yet. I think I might need it though. The other day I was talking to one of my friends, Lola and she was telling me that she gives herself a color for the year, because she, like me, buys way too much black/navy/neutrals. This year her color is yellow. I decided this might be a great opportunity for me. I’ve picked coral.

So, on to the description of my day. My mornings are incredibly routine, so I’ll break it down for you.

5:30-5:45am: Wake up. I like to wake up before my alarm actually goes off so I can wake up slowly, and still lay in bed for a while.

6am: Alarm goes off. I still have a few minutes to get to lay in bed.

6:15: Time to actually move. Go turn on the TV to local news/weather, I’ve picked these guys. (I’m strangely picky about my meteorologists, back in Sacramento, I have a favorite meteorologist. He’s absolutely adorable and such a big nerd. If another guy is on, I have to leave the room. True story.)

6:20am: Into the shower.

6:45am: I’m out of the shower and the make up is on.

7am: Hair is blow dried and styled. GMA is starting. Get Patch some breakfast. Time to go make some coffee and toast. Or waffles. Or anything.

7:15am: Dressed & fed. Patches and I head outside for a quick break.

7:20am: Phone alarm goes off. Telling me I have exactly 20 minutes left in peaceful morning heaven. I might start working on making a smoothie.

7:30am: Phone alarm goes off again. 10 minutes. Time to get all my stuff together for the day, lunch, purse, sunglasses, and potentially umbrella.

7:35am: Time to get Patches into my room and distracted. He’s been known to dart out of the front door. So he stays in my room during the day. He actually sort of loves it. Lots of times when I’m getting ready in the morning he’ll grab one of his toys and go lay on my pillow. It’s adorable.

7:40am: Phone alarm. Time to go pick up Destiny. Keep the TV on for Patches (it seems to help him) and I’m out the door.

I get to Destiny’s apartment in about a half a second because we live in the same apartment complex and we’re off to work. We usually end up at the parking garage between 8-8:15am. We head in right at 8:15 when the building technically opens. We can be in earlier than that, but then I’d have to remember to take my badge. Refill my water bottle and the day begins.

If there’s something going on with City Council, the TV goes to Channel 26, our local government access channel. If there isn’t, the TV goes to CNN. Today there’s budget hearings as City Council is trying to work out the City budget for the next fiscal year. Yesterday was cool because at the Finance/Executive Committee meeting there was a bunch of people from police and fire in the building and 85% of them were super cute.

My day gets much less routine from here.

My office handles a lot of different events for the Mayor, as well as working with constituents on a daily basis. Day by day the issues I hear from constituents vary. There’s usually something about trash or recycling collection, or water. Which makes sense, as Department of Public Works and Department of Watershed Management are the largest/farthest reaching departments within almost any city government. I also handle constituent intakes. People come into our office all the time, they have an issue with something in a City department, or they are in need of some sort of assistance and I help them get the process started.

Lunch is around noon-ish and I’m off at 5pm. After I drop off Destiny and get home, usually right around 5:30pm, thanks Atlanta traffic. And it’s dinner and TV time. I’ve recently started reading some Examples and Explanation books that  cover law school class topics, so this is also on my list. I also get lunch ready for the next day, and plan out an outfit for work.

In a word, today was… good.

My morning went smoothly even though I didn’t wake up right on time. First part of the day was busy, lots of calls, lots of people coming in to ask questions or get paper work notarized.

I was supposed to go to this meeting for Parks and Recreation about the future of Atlanta parks. It would’ve been really interesting for me. But the meeting had to be rescheduled. Hopefully I’ll get to go when it finds a new date. So that was kind of a bummer. I was going to channel all my Leslie Knope-ness because she is hilarious and flawless. I’ll just have to save it for next time.

Next Monday the Mayor is kicking off “Older Atlantans Month” with the Senior Fair here in City Hall. My office is the one that puts it on, I was able to participate last year and it was pretty great. I have high hopes for this year. Today and tomorrow both have some final meetings about the event.

Yesterday I got this email from Banana Republic about this nationwide event they’re holding at their stores. It’s Girls Night, and they’re going to have sales and free drinks at their Atlanta store tonight. Sign me up. (if you shop at BR between now and May 4th, use the code “BRSPLURGE” for 30% off full priced items, 35% if you have their card)

I am so very glad today is Thursday. I have a great weekend planned so far. I’m finally going to do the photo shoot that I talked about a while ago (it had to be rescheduled, the photographer took a trip to Nigeria). And I’m going to the Giants v. Braves game this weekend with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. It’s gonna be a blast.

That’s all for now, check back tomorrow for more of the May Blog Challenge!

How was your first day of May? Sound off in the comments, I always love to hear from you!


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