Review: Alumnae Weekend

Due to some unforeseen internet issues at work (that have now been resolved!!) regular posting was delayed. I am so sorry. BUT I’M BACK BABY. And we now continue on…


I’m an ALUM. This was my FIRST alum weekend.

It was pretty great actually.

Friday night was Hub Sing and that’s sort of my favorite Agnes event ever because it is so incredibly ridiculous and fun. For the non-Agnes crowd, Hub Sing is, in a word, a mess. It happens twice a year, once in the Fall for the first years to learn the songs, and then the best one in the Spring.

There’s lots of alcohol (for those of age only, of course), lots of singing (we have some great songs, we sing about death, prostitution, god, and booze).

But Alumnae Weekend is even better because there’s TONS people. We use it as a class reunion weekend, and people who graduated way back when show up which is pretty stinking cool.

Really no one knows our fight song. Yeah, we all know that we have one, and most people know it starts with “Cheer, Cheer, Cheer for Old Agnes Scott.” But after that? I have no idea, because our fight song, the one we really use is “Beer Beer Beer” and trust me, it’s a thing of beauty.

To sum up, it’s a great time with great friends and songs.

This weekend the college was also celebrating it’s 125th anniversary, which is pretty stinking awesome. And there was a birthday party on Saturday, but I didn’t go, as I slept most of the day Saturday.

But I’ll always have hubsing.


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