What’s your Love Language?

So I recently took the “What’s your Love Language” test, and am not surprised by my results.


Quality time is my most prevalent love language, followed closely by Words of Affirmation. My lowest score? Gift-giving.

What I find interesting about this is how much it hasn’t changed. I took this test in high school while I was dating an ex-boyfriend, Josh. We took it together as a part of a quasi couples counseling (our “couples counselor” was our Student Activities Director who we were both very close to). Our results were almost completely opposite. I’m not saying this is the only reason he and I didn’t work out, but I’m thinking it’s a contributing factor. We didn’t understand the ways in which the other felt and understood love– and we were young and stupid and didn’t think to try and understand. We would sit in silence on the phone for hours (it turned into a long distance relationship) and he assumed that was quality time. Hint: it isn’t.

So what I’ve learned is that the way I love hasn’t changed a whole lot, who I love has. Because I’ve changed in so many other ways. I actually stand up for myself now in romantic relationships. Well, more than I did. I’m not afraid of the word “forever” anymore, I know it’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen with the right person. I just don’t know this person yet. And that, that is perfectly acceptable and only slightly nerve wracking.

Take the test here. What result did you get? Were you surprised? Or, are you like me and have taken it before? If you have, has it changed? Let me know in the comments.


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