Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mother is easily my favorite person on the planet. And today is her birthday, so, in honor of that, I’ve put together a virtual shrine.

Just a small sampling of things that are pretty awesome about Brenda:

  • She honestly loves her job.
  • She’s sassy as heck.
  • She’s a great dancer.
  • And an even better singer.
  • She makes her expectations incredibly clear. (this one might be a family inside joke)
  • I’ve learned more about the inverse relationship of hydrogen ions than a future lawyer needs to know because of her.
  • She imparts goodness on all the people around her.
  • She can shoot lasers from her eyeballs.
  • She’s super modest about how adorable she is. She refuses to believe that she and I are basically twins.
  • She’s the strongest person I know.
  • She ingrained in me my fiercely independent streak.
  • She comes to visit me whenever she gets the chance.
  • She’s always been the biggest “Team Megan” cheerleader.
  • Her laugh is more contagious than smallpox.
  • She gives the best advice; even if I refuse to take this advice for years.
  • She’s always right. I hate that actually.

And of course, she taught me how to be a good human, helped me get a fantastic education, taught me how to cook, allowed me to be my own person, and all that other mushy stuff. Instead of detailing all the mushy stuff, I’ve decided to go with pictures instead.



Love you to the moon and back, momma.

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