Obama and Hillary sing “Timber” and another BuzzFeed Quiz

This is the best thing ever.

Also, I took a BuzzFeed quiz, “Which West Wing Character are you?” which you can take here. And I got (drum roll please) the ever so lovable cutie pie, President Bartlett’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Josh Lyman!

Here’s what the results say:

You’re as charming as you are clever — and you’re very clever. You tend to talk a big game, but behind that bravado, you’re a humble and idealistic team player. People are drawn to your confidence and eloquence, and you have no problem being in the spotlight. You can easily win people over to your side, which makes you a powerful ally and a dangerous enemy.

I love Josh. I love Donna. It all makes perfect sense.

If you’ve never seen The West Wing, you really need to get on that. It’s great. And it’s available on Netflix!

Hope you had a great day! Go take the quiz and we’ll talk about your results!


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