Top 10: My Personal Politics

Disclaimer: These beliefs are mine and mine alone. I cannot speak for any elected official I have worked for, do work for, or will work for in the future. Unless of course the politician I work for is… Myself.

In working on this post, I came across this quiz. I took it and was not surprised by my results. 

10.  I’m a registered Democrat. I’m pretty stinkin’ liberal.

9. I believe there needs to be more of a separation of church and state. The first amendment grants the right to religious freedom, yes, but while you have your religious freedom in your corner, people in the other corner need to have the freedom to not be preached at all day.

8. I believe in a woman’s* right to choose, no exceptions or restrictions. It is a decision that needs to be taken seriously with the woman and her doctor (and potentially her partner if their relationship allowed for that type of discussion and she can maintain her safety). There are people around the country that will choose abortion even if it is not safe and legal in their area. Make it safe and legal.

7. I believe there needs to be equal representation in government. Meaning women, racial/ethnic minorities, different religious beliefs, different sexual orientations. Our government should be a reflection of our population.

6. I believe there needs to be stricter laws in regards to gun control. How many more men, women, and children need to get hurt or die before this happens?

5. I believe in a fair living wage. People should not have to work 80 hours a week just to be able to feed their family.

4. Education in this country needs some serious reform. We are one of the wealthiest, most developed nations on the planet, yet, there are people who can’t read or write. Also, it would be cool if we were more like the Slavic countries and had tuition free universities. Education is and has always been the path to a better life, and we all deserve a shot at that.

3. Humans, just because they are human, have the right to easily accessible health care. Most families in this country are one serious medical condition/hospital stay from bankruptcy, and that is freaking ridiculous.

2. I believe people should be able to marry the person they love (given both parties are adults and consenting).

1. I’m a feminist. I’ve mentioned this before, here and I re-posted this. The brand of feminism I subscribe to is breaking free from oppression and creating equality. It is not about oppressing men. It’s about equal pay for equal work. It’s about not being seen like this.

Do you feel differently than me? Did you take the quiz, what results did you get? Let’s have a discussion.


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