Sunday Funday: A Week in Review

I can’t decide if my brain wants to read “content” as in the emotion, or like blog content. I like it both ways.

It’s been a pretty quiet week over here in Megan Land. Sure, work’s been busy, but that’s not exactly news– that’s a constant.

Actually, now that I think about it there was sort of a debacle at work on Tuesday. One of my coworkers burned popcorn, so the entire office smelled like fire— the conference room where the microwave is got all smokey and it permeated the entire building. On top of that, we were having a three person birthday party, and expecting lots of people to come through. It was a lot worse than it sounds. I almost promise. I was spraying the air with what I thought was air freshener… It was definitely lemon scented furniture polish… Whoops.

Patches and I had training class on Monday. This week focused on “leave it” while on a walk, and coming when called. He’s really good at leave it in general, but adding in the walking distraction was a bit difficult for him. He got it eventually. While we were working on coming when called, he enjoyed some extra freedoms from the extra long leash he was on. He got to sniff a whole bunch of stuff. But he always came back to Mom.

Wednesday night, I had to drop off Destiny at the airport. She headed to Chicago for interviews with principals for her placement at Teach for America! Since Destiny is leaving Atlanta, and City Hall, we’re currently searching for her replacement, so I’ve been looking over interviews all week. Personally I would really love it if a Scottie got the job, but I’m most definitely biased.

Thursday I heard from Destiny that SHE GOT HIRED! She’ll be working on the south side of Chicago teaching pre-k and kindergarten special-ed, which is sort of exactly what she wanted. So that’s kind of perfect.

Friday one of my very lovely friends got to ring the bell at Agnes! It’s a tradition that when a senior/alum gets their first big kid job offer or are accepted into grad school they get to ring the school’s bell Friday at noon during the spring semester. It’s tons of fun. So after work on Friday she and I went out and had a celebratory beer at Brickstore Pub.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet, spent mostly just working, writing out a couple posts, cleaning around the house.

Next week:

  • another relatively quiet week, I love it when these come around
  • lots of (hopefully) interesting posts coming up that you can tune in for
  • THIS WEEKEND (sorry about the caps it’s just really exciting) I’M GONNA DO ANOTHER PHOTO SHOOT! A City employee who works in Watershed likes to do makeup on the side so Destiny and I get to be her models. I did this before with her, for a bridal make up shoot, and had tons of fun. Best believe there’s gonna be a post about that.

Other things happening:

  • I’m reading tons of stuff about law school, trying to get myself prepped. Right now I’m reading Law School Confidential; their chapter on briefs and outlines made total sense, and I might have to do them that way.
  • I scheduled my appointment for the big chop. I’m excited! I’m thinking something along the lines of this. I mean look at how adorable she is and how happy she is with her hair. I want to be like that. It’s not happening until late May, but it’s happening. I’ll post pictures when it happens!

So what about you, how was your week?



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