Top 10: Reasons Rescue Dogs are the Best

rescuesbestLast summer I adopted a dog named Patches. He’s a Pomeranian, possibly with a Chihuahua mix. When I met him, he was about a year and a half old. There’s no way to know for sure when his birthday is, so I’ve picked it as May 15th as my guess, and that’s the one we’re gonna go with.

He had been previously living with his first mom in Indiana.

Warning: story gets sad from here. She was an older lady, and when she passed away, no one knew for a couple days, let alone did they know the dog was alone without food or water for days. He was passed between some people at her church– one family had a couple small kids who painted his butt blue (I found some of the blue when I was grooming him one day, it was a good color on him actually), and finally ended up with John. John wrote the ad that I found, and chatted with him before meeting Patches.

When I met Patches, he was terrified. He’d been through so much in the last three-ish weeks, it was completely understandable. He was all fluffed up and happy, just shy. After he warmed up to me (which took all of about 15 minutes) he curled up on my lap and took a nap.

The story gets happy again. I fell in love with this little boy, and he became mine. He was a whopping twelve pounds when I got him (breed standard for Poms is 4-7 pounds), so Bubba went on a diet.

unnamed (12)unnamed (10)unnamed (11)

So here we have, the top 10 list as to why Rescue Dogs my Patches is the best.

10. His face is the cutest thing. He’s so fluffy and he smiles.

9. When we’re in the car, he sits on my lap and looks like he’s driving. He has some control issues.

8. When he gets scared, he comes and sits on my lap. He likes to act all big and brave, barking at people (he likes to keep mom safe) but he’s a big chicken.

7. He genuinely likes his training class. He’s getting better, day by day! I think it helps that he gets cookies. Patches loves his cookies.

6. When I’m getting ready in the morning, and about to leave, he hides under the couch. He likes to make it difficult for me to leave. He thinks it’s funny. Mom disagrees.

5. He snores and it is freaking precious. He sleeps on his back a lot, with his paws in the air.

4. When I watch TV in bed, he lays on my arm facing the TV, like he’s watching with me.

3. He is the cuddliest baby bear who just wants to make his mom happy. And he does.

2. He answers to almost all of his nicknames. Just a sampling: baby bear, boo bear, fluff butt, nugget, chicken nugget, blondie, blondie boy, little boy, little punk, pumpkin, angel, demon, little man, petite monsieur, and probably lots more.

1. Helping an animal in need has truly been one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever done. My parents always got pure breeds, and with one exception (Casey refused to walk out the back door) they’ve all been great animals, but from here to forever, I’ll be a rescue girl.

Patch has been talking about wanting to do a pet post for me, so watch out for that in the future!

Have you ever adopted an animal? What’s their story?


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