Sunday Funday: Week in Review

Coolest thing I did all week?

I DID THE COLOR RUN! My legs are murdering me. I’m sort of still rehabbing an injury (for about the last two years now) so I can’t really run all that well, but I did walk it. And now I feel like death. My legs are barely responding to what I’m telling them to do.

It’s been an ibuprofen and heat pack type of day today.

OOh, after the run, we (Destiny, D, and I) went to the Atlanta Food Truck Park. IT WAS DELICIOUS. If you live in the Metro Atlanta area, or come to visit, I highly recommend a lunch break.

I went to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market (AKA heaven) for some groceries and did big kid stuff, like cleaning out my fridge. I’m like a real adult.

What’s on deck for the upcoming week:

  • Patches’ training class Monday night
  • lots of rain
  • going to see Melissa on Tuesday
  • working
  • it’s gonna be a pretty quiet week

I’ll go steal some pictures of the Color Run from my Facebook and post them in all of their glory. It was pretty awesome.


Have a good week!


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