Review: AJMLS Accepted Students Reception

Confession time. I had every intention of writing this before it’s scheduled publish time and date. But I didn’t. I’m doin’ all this on the fly, y’all.

But the reception was interesting. It was pretty good, I had a tour of the campus and talked to some other students that are planning on attending. I’m feeling less anxious than I was, so that’s always a bonus. But, still anxious.

I’ll write more about this when I get my act together and work on stuff tomorrow.

EDITED because I actually worked on this post…
Okay so I got my act together enough to clear some space on my new desk and dust off my laptop and get to typing. It’s been forever since I worked on my laptop, I actually need to take it in, there’s something wrong with the charging port and it’s super annoying.

So it all started out with driving over there. I had known the general location of the school, it’s not far away from my apartment or work. It’s close to the mid point of them actually. I almost accidentally got back on the highway after driving up to the school because I missed a turn, but thankfully there was another side street that I could turn down. I found the parking deck, they were doing free parking for the day which is always awesome.

Anyways, get inside, get my sweet new tote bag, packet, and name tag and I’m off on a small group tour. There were three of us and a student ambassador. It’s a small school, I knew that, it’s part of what drove me to looking at the school more actually. Coming from a small high school and a small college, I’ve had a generally positive experience, and want to continue with that tradition since it’s worked for me so far.

After the tour, we come back to the meeting space we were in, and we’re ushered into an auditorium where we’ll hear from the speakers. First one up is the current Dean, who is pretty hilarious. The segment on financial aid could use some work. The next two were about Academic Success and Pro Bono work, both cool segments. Next up were two members of the Mock Trial team who gave mock opening arguments. While I’m not interested in litigation, it was definitely entertaining.

The BEST segment though was the Alumni Q&A. One of the panelists was a full time student who ended up going into Big Law, and the other was a part time, non-traditional (in this case she went to law school later in life while married with kids). Both people were really interesting and engaging. I connected more with Ms. Part-Time, for obvious reasons. I talked to her a bit more at lunch, and she definitely helped me get a better idea of what I would be getting myself into.

Overall, it was really informative and helpful. I’m getting excited!



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