Social Life, or something like it?

sociallifeSometimes I like to think I have a life outside of work. And sometimes I do.

My best friend and I spend a butt load of time together. She lived with me for a couple months, now she works with me, and lives in the same apartment complex as me. So we see each other a whole lot. This is all incredibly helpful to me having a social life outside of work. But it’s also a whole lot of together time. 

Recently we got together with a bunch of friends from college for brunch to catch up and find out where all our different lives are taking us. The five of us that were at brunch are all such different people, it’s amazing that we’ve been able to stick together this long. We all have such different personalities, hobbies, interests… But we’re bonded together. Probably for life. We all met first year at Agnes, we all lived on the same floor of the same building (third floor Walters, woot woot!) except Destiny (she was a first floor weirdo). In that type of community, one that is so incredibly small, and generally all focused on the same few things (academics and alcohol) that type of bond grows quick and strong.

I’m about five months single, three months “totally single” now (we were kinda messy at the end there). The last guy I dated, we were together for about a year and a half. But, because we’re human, we had our fair share of issues, and we weren’t able to work it out. Being with him taught me a lot about myself, and for that I am eternally grateful. I’m a much better person now than I was a year ago. Part of that is due to him. But… I’m not a very good single person. I’m bad at flirting (I’m either WAY too obvious and not in a cute way, or not obvious enough and no one gets it). And in starting new relationships I can be kind of a chicken– which is probably totally normal and healthy but it makes me anxious because I like to have control. Hello, lists.

I’m working on having a social life, keeping up with friends, dating, all that jazz. When I have dates, I’ll post reviews of them, let you know how things are going.

What do you do to keep a social life going, with all that you have going on in your life?



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