Sunday Funday: Week In Review

Happy Sunday! It’s the first Sunday of Spring!

I plan on doing a quick post every Sunday as the week winds down to reflect and get my mind right for the upcoming week.

So here’s the stuff that went down:


  • After work, Patches and I went to his new training class! It was all about bad behaviors and he sure enough showed out. But, Jerome, our trainer showed us some cool tips and tricks– and some products that would help deter the bad behavior. Thank goodness for Jerome, it’s been a much more peaceful house since then!


  • It was my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary! They’re so cute, whatever.


  • Wednesday was pretty lame, just went to work and watched Netflix when I got home. I’ve been watching Revenge lately, and good lord I love it.


  • Appointment with Melissa! We typically have our appointments on Tuesdays, but due to scheduling conflicts we had to change the day for this week, and next week actually. She helps me keep my life in balance.


  • So Destiny’s cat jumped out of a window, so I helped corral him back inside


  • took my car in for service, grocery store, worked my butt off around the house, mani/pedi with the bffl


  • still working my butt off around the house, I’ll post pictures soon!

On deck for next week:

  • work, training class, townhall meeting, appointment with Melissa, possibly taking Friday off, and Saturday is the AJMLS Accepted Student Reception


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