About my Lists and Organization

I might be a bit of a control freak.

One of the many ways this manifests, is my constant list making.

Sure, lots of people make lists, right? Of course they do. People make grocery lists and to do lists and other shopping lists. That’s a totally human thing to do.

I list everything. I have school supply lists, grocery lists, craft lists, project lists, budget lists, to do lists, work lists, reading lists, all sorts of things. And of course, they’re all on random scraps of paper in my planner.

The other way, are my calendars. Yeah, plural calendars.

Right now I’m rocking an Erin Condren Gold Edition Life Planner. And I love it. It’s helping me keep track of my personal/work/blog life. When school starts up in the fall I’ll be getting another planner just to keep track of classes, school work, and readings and all the other things that law school might and will bring.

Everything that is in my planner(s) also goes on my Google Calendar so I can always have it with me on my phone or see it while I’m at work. And, the calendars are color coded. Everything goes in these bad boys, bills, appointments, work events, work hours, birthdays, and even TV shows.

The reason I have a digital calendar and a paper calendar is in part so I always have a back-up, but also, I really love both. I know it’s a bit redundant to have both… But in college I used to actually “sync” my digital calendar with my paper calendar, and make sure that everything matched.

Here’s my current “Master To-Do List”:

  • Cleaning
    • clutter behind couch
    • shoes in front of TV
    • closet: clean/declutter/donate
    • vacuum
  • Crafting
    • reupholster chair
    • reupholster ottoman
    • office chair cover
    • paint inside bathroom storage
      • prime/paint
    • above bed artwork: Stephanie
    • decorate bedroom walls
    • patio lighting/decor
  • Other
    • raise chandelier (realized I didn’t need to, it’s high enough already!)
    • move office decorations to new location
    • update hardware
      • red side table
      • dresser
      • night stands
      • bathroom storage
    • paint accent walls?
    • re-paint cabinets
    • assemble desk


3 thoughts on “About my Lists and Organization

  1. Wow! I admire ‘listers’ a lot. The times that I sat down and attempted to list things down I had to stop halfway because it seemed too overwhelming almost herculean even. Erin Condren planners look so gorgeous and yet super functional. I’ve been seeing it around the web a lot.

    Good luck to all your tasks!

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