Law School Prep

lawschoolprepSo I’m terribly anxious, but it’s a good anxious. I’m nervous and excited and scared about what my new future holds. Mostly freaked out because of the only slightly overwhelming amount of stuff I’ll be doing, such as:

  • still working full time with the City, in a different function than I am now
  • taking law classes part time
  • doing all that reading and writing
  • the possibility of still having a social life
  • still making time for my sweet baby dog
  • still making time for myself
  • and finding time to sleep

Right now it all just seems a bit much, but I’m sure that once I get into a rhythm with it, I’ll be fine. In order to keep from thinking about all the work and stuff I’ll be newly responsible for, I’m doing something that I do best… Make lists. So I’ve made a list for school supplies, I’ve made a spreadsheet of classes I’ll be taking, making lists of things to buy related to school, and my week to week to do lists. I’ll make another post about my lists/organizational systems soon, promise, I love them so much, I’m such a planner.

I’m promising myself right here, right now that I can do this. I can make it through. I will be busy and tired and stressed BUT I have a great support system and lots of people who want to see me succeed.

I’m also trying to remind myself that I have a leg up. One of my undergrad classes was taught in a way that would resemble a law class. It was Constitutional Law (so hello, right up my alley) taught by one of my absolute favorite professors of all time (big shout out to B+ Gus!) in the Socratic Method. We were taught how to brief cases, and use the IRAC method. So I know these things. I KNOW THEM. Emphasis added for myself, not you, sweet reader.

I can do this. I will do this. The only thing in my way is myself.


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