Hazy Future Days

So I’m currently in that awkward phase of figuring out what to do as the next step in my education. I’m glad I took a year off from school and got some work experience under my belt, in my field no less! BUT, I know that in the next year and a half, I’ll be getting back into school. Now, whether that is law school, grad school, or business school is all up in the air…

I’ve applied to a few law schools. I’ve gotten into one so far, rejected from one, and wait listed on one. I’m waiting to hear back from one more. The one I’m waiting to hear back from is here in Atlanta, and I would be able to do part-time while still working at my job, which is sort of the goal.

But, I’m also looking at applying to part-time (Atlanta based) and online MBA programs and MPA programs. And yesterday I was super stressed out about the idea of taking the GMAT or the GRE.

After about six hours about freaking out over these tests, I realized… I don’t need to take them if I get into the  law school I’m already waiting to hear back from.

I’m a planner, a vicious, vicious planner. I over think and over analyze most aspects of my life. And I’m perfectly okay with that, because it’s who I am. But, I realized last night that I can’t plan all of this out.. not until I have more information.



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